25 December, 2005

1st Annual

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Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! [Insert your favourite seasonal greeting here]] It's hard to believe it's December already. Everyone has been so busy with various activities that 2005 has just flown by. Here, for your enjoyment, is a recap of this year's occurrences in my family:

On 14 May, I was born to two proud [and rather elated, I think, but I'm biased] parents. Unfortunately, I can't say much more from before that. I know Mom helped me to grow, encouraging me to come into this big world, the blogosphere. Since then, I've survived prom, graduating high school, and starting college. Finals loom over my head, but I enjoyed the friends I've made, the reading and film viewing and writing that I do. But enough about me -- onto the family:

Mom remains as busy as ever. She left us for a short while, and came back with a new makeover. It's really nice, and requires less maintenance on her part -- she can be just Christina. We're glad she's still with us. She continues to preside over the Ones -- both Wee and Sweet -- whilst working with more boxes of rocks than I'd like to imagine. Fortunately, all were safe during hurricane weather, and she was able to go get her classy mother. Also this year, she initiated a delightful game of Fictional Friday, and allowed me to take over the 25 word challenge. She remains the "delight of our eyes."

Fa has had to deal with a lot of mockery from others this year, but dishes it back just as well. Work's been hectic for him as well, even if the coding is fun. He enjoys spending time with his cats, his mullet, his mother, and fellow bloggers at various meets. I rhink he was shocked when I appeared, but he seems to be used to having a daughter now. My fa is always good for a laugh -- a dose of Zonker is oft just what you need to brighten your day.

Aunt Sadie is ever the wit. Just classic -- in her words and her web designs. That's right, she and my uncle Phin, another wit in rare form and a father-to-be, opened a successful business together in August. Sadie and I oft commiserate over our homework and studying, or reminisce reading Kilgore. Sometimes the lovely lady Sadie needs to get away from it all, and flies off to Majorca. But, thankfully, she hasn't yet been abducted, and always finds her way back to the family's loving arms. [The carrot cake helps.]

And speaking of travelling aunts, sweet 'n' sassy Silk went to Africa earlier this year! She had a blast, and met a very cool monkey... in other meeting news, Aunt Silk met da Godfaddah Nugget, an ever-classy gentleman many of us adore. Needless to say, she was starstruck, and I do believe the feeling was mutual. Quite delightful. In other news, Silk's been kept busy lately with a grand opening at work, and quite recent hosted Fictional Friday 2.0: the Picture Edition, whilst Nuggets been entertained by the antics of the little addition to his household -- quite the adorable cat.

The Phoenix Coz has been busy as well -- and will soon hold her treasured household addition in her arms. She became a champion of FF 2.0 with her SpySistah Chronicles, which left us just astounded. She also joined the ranks of Diva, and gives grand advice. I personally think she will make a great mother.

The Dashing Brother still has posts which won't allow me to stop laughing! More recently, he's been occupied by all sorts of work projects, and more especially, the joys of hunting. Hopefully he'll bring something good home to the dear wife and kids.

Rather abruptly one day, a branch of relative I'd never before had the pleasure of meeting came to visit. I gained a granddaddy, an aunt, and an uncle, and I always enjoy hearing from them and going to their places to listen to their great speeches.

In other news, close friends who are practically family have, for example, visitied Taiwan and made plans for Australia in the case of Mark, survived hurricanes [both weather and small boys] in the case of Bou, travelled to Europe recently [with the little Puffy expected] and charmed us with music in the case of Stiggy and Va-va, and kept us up-to-date on flyfishing, sports, entertainment, and family in the case of the Wiz.

Fortunately, all seemed to survive weather conditions, other complications, and life in general with only scrapes and bruises thus far. I hope and pray that this continues, and also that you and yours are well. From all of us,

Merry Christmas!
Love, Amelie and family.

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18 December, 2005

Just because fa asked so nicely...

I'm posting this quotation which I shared with him:

"Sometimes conversations are like dentistry, and I get sick of pulling teeth all the time."