26 January, 2006

How do I keep busy?

Aside from the homework, the film viewing, the voracious reading, writing, helping people, playing piano, and doing all things blog, email, and IM -- I also draw. [And some people think I only like Mathematics -- ha!] Sometimes, I draw completely from imagination, creating a character in unique clothing/pose, or doing a new hand drawing. These two drawings I did during class; the girl during Computer Science, and my right hand during my Literature class, when we discussed Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe:

Other times, I do a drawing based on a picture from somewhere out there.

Since sometime in December, I've been working, off and on, on a picture still from the movie X-Men. I finished it today. The most frustrating part initially was Ian McKellen's face, as I thought he was the sole favourite actor of the person for whom I was drawing it. Then, I found out Patrick Stewart is his other favourite actor. Patrick Stewart's face, you may or may not agree, is very distinctive, even profile-wise. I'm not completely satisfied with the result, but here it is:

19 January, 2006

Guilty, as charged

As a few delightful, delicious, and de-lovely people have already pointed it out, I guess I ought to acknowledge that today, I am golden.

Thank you for the well wishes; I hope everyone has a nice day!

13 January, 2006


Since last time, I've had the privilege to play Clue and Clue: The Great Museum Caper with Princess and the Stud. He was in rare form that night; it was good seeing him again.

Also, my aunt's surgery went according to plan, and I returned home twelve hours after I left. As to whether the fistula actually works for dialysis... well, we won't know for at least two months, as the vein needs time to grow.

Yesterday, I was [briefly] a Llama Butcher hero.

This is my last weekend home, and I'm going to try to make the most of it.

On Monday, after spending the morning at the Knowledge Bowl meet being hosted at my old high school, I'm headed back up to college. Classes start Tuesday.

Also, this week is apparently National De-Lurking Week. So, how about it? 'Ullo out there??