05 July, 2005


I had my first Coldstone Creamery ice cream tonight. It was very, very scrumptious. The cute guy behind the counter who was helping me was very amiable, as he has to be. I ordered the Birthday Cake Remix, though they were out of Cake Batter Ice Cream, so I substituted French Vanilla.

The coworker all suddenly burst into song because someone left them a tip. It was a short little song, but cute.

Whilst he was working on it, he needed to add fudge. Now, the fudge is kept in a squeeze dispenser bottle. He reached to the side, tossed it into the air, where it flipped for a couple of rotations, and then caught it in his hand -- pointing down -- right above my ice cream. His coworker, who was helping my friend Zesch, said, "Now THAT deserves applause, don't you think?" And the three of us congratulated him.

I then mentioned that this was my first Coldstone experience.

He replied, "Wow, and you get your fudge flipped your first time!" Then he paused, and said, "I should probably be careful how I say that..."

All three of us ladies began laughing hysterically. He kept begging us to forget he said anything. Needless to say, we left them tips to hear singing as we walked out the door, still laughing.


silk said...

I feel his pain, but I would've laughed too.

Christina said...

Too cute!