28 July, 2005

Small Children

During work today, the family of coworker E. stopped by. E. has a little niece of three, who is absolutely adorable. She performed little dances for us, singing her favourite songs. In fact, we discovered that the entire family is musically talented.

As we were talking, the cd player was at it behind all of us. We kept our eye on E.'s sweetheart. She seemed to be listening quite intently to the song playing. Suddenly, in the middle of a discussion among the rest of us, a small voice proclaimed triumphantly, "There! Its chain!" She pointed at the cd player, and explained, "I found it, Aunt E.! I found it! -- Aunt E. told me," she solemnly spoke, "that every song has a key chain!"


My friend Annie, a dear sweet girl, just told me about her work day. She works with a number of small children. One in particular, a boy named Peter, always wants to be in her group. He's her buddy, and as many children do, he mistakes Miss and Mrs. Thus, he always calls her "Mrs. Annie."

Today, at the end of Annie's time with the children, a friend of hers [a guy] came to pick her up. As he approached the group and got Annie's attention, Peter ran over to him and demanded, "Are you MISTER Annie?!"

... Annie had a little explaining to do after that!

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zonker said...

Kids are so much fun, aren't they? I love spending time with my neices and nephews....you never know what they're going to say!