13 January, 2006


Since last time, I've had the privilege to play Clue and Clue: The Great Museum Caper with Princess and the Stud. He was in rare form that night; it was good seeing him again.

Also, my aunt's surgery went according to plan, and I returned home twelve hours after I left. As to whether the fistula actually works for dialysis... well, we won't know for at least two months, as the vein needs time to grow.

Yesterday, I was [briefly] a Llama Butcher hero.

This is my last weekend home, and I'm going to try to make the most of it.

On Monday, after spending the morning at the Knowledge Bowl meet being hosted at my old high school, I'm headed back up to college. Classes start Tuesday.

Also, this week is apparently National De-Lurking Week. So, how about it? 'Ullo out there??


Michael said...

A lucky lurker lavishing languidly in a lovely lady’s lair.
De-lurker, demonstrating dedication to the damsel’s dictation.

Happy de-lurking week.

Take Care

Rex Ferric said...

"I'm the village idiot. I don't have anything to do with this pathetic little opera. I just felt like passing throoough!..." [aria from Hansel and Gretel and Ted and Alice by PDQ Bach]

zonker said...

I'm not quite a lurker but I figured I'd take the opportunity to say hello! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend!

Lolly said...