14 May, 2006

speaking of calendars..

To the woman:
who responded to my scarce comments with utmost kindness last spring,
who took an interest in my life,
who encouraged me to begin blogging -- and even help me set up my blog and profile, who gave me family,
who taught me to appreciate myself more [we're still working on that one],
who inspired me with her own written words to write myself,
who started projects that brought us all together,
who juggled work and family time with her wonderful husband and two lovely daughters,
who encourages me to aspire to great things,
who believed and believes I'll get there,
who shines more brightly than any other writer I know,
who has touched each of us -- it has been said, and I agree, that she is the one who has, more than any other, united the blogosphere neighbourhood we have into a family,
who has done more for me than I can put into words [if I but had the eloquence to say them],

thank you, and happy mother's day, Christina.


Christina said...

Oh, honey, how absolutely beautiful!

Thank you.

I love you more than you know.

; )

shoe said...

very nice, sweet amelie.

Edd said...

Very well said...

Ruth said...

Yes, Christina is a wonderfully encouraging person. A great tribute Amelie.

Paige said...

Such wonderfull words.

Lolly said...

Oh, Amelie, you said that perfectly!

rsm said...

I think she's pretty cool too. Like you.