26 May, 2006

with apologies to aunt sadie...[updated]

A recent msn conversation:

amelie: i've never touched a gun
the ideal: oh that's unfortunate
amelie: maybe someday i'll learn how to handle one
the ideal: i haven't succeeded in getting a deer for 5 years, but someone usually makes up for it so i can have my fill of animal flesh :)
amelie: don't know that i've ever tasted of it
the ideal: deer, or meat in general?
amelie: deer
the ideal: good, i was afraid i had met another vegetarian there for a minute
[almost simultaneously with the previous line] amelie: vegetarian is soo not worth it
[then, in response to his, because i could hear him saying it] amelie: lol
the ideal: so true
the ideal: except, what do you gain by being a vegetarian?
amelie: less protein?
amelie: more angst?
the ideal: lol
amelie: c'mon, you know i'm right :)
the ideal: certainly less angus


phin said...

If we weren't supposed to eat meat why's so darned tasty?

In the theme of Miller Light's "Tastes Great, Less Filling" ad campaign:
Less protein.
More angst.
Less protein.
More angst.
Less protein.
More angst.
Less protein.
More angst.

Christina said...

Who's Angus??

; )

Nugget said...

He's a very hairy Aberdonian, Chrissy ;o)

Mark said...

Salad or a Big Mac?

Angus angst at the drive-up window.

ruth said...

Love the banter amelie ;-) Wish I could be quickfire like that.

Dash said...

Lil Sis - you come to Texas and I teach you to handle a gun and feed you venison. Not necessarily at the same time, though.