27 February, 2006

It's kinda nice

if not a little confusing when certain people catch your eye.

or, you catch them looking at you.

and they're smiling.

and, when asked "what?" they keep smiling.

and say it's nothing.

and, when pressed as to why they keep looking at you like that, they explain:

"i'm just happy to see you."


Christina said...

; )

Walrilla said...

You must get that a lot. B-)

zonker said...

Good for you!

silk said...

Well m'dear your name in my email and comments always brings a smile to my face so who can blame those who meet you in person? ;)

Nugget said...

Lovely :o)

WitNit said...

Always smile back and leave it to them to say anything. Best to assume a smile is a smile.

Agent Bedhead said...