28 February, 2006


I was late for an engagement this evening.

An event was intended to start at 9.30. Earlier, I was asked to lend assistance in the physics department, so over to the library I headed, where I met up with the Nebraska possibles, and a couple others. We had a good time, what with chatting and working on problems, but then I realized it was 10.00, and so I started packing up my things. I kept apologizing, again and again, for not being very helpful this evening -- I just wasn't able to be of much assistance. They insisted I was wrong, that I had been of great help, and that "just having [me] there made it so much better."

Not only that, though. These gentlemen felt bad that I was going to be late. They wrote me an excuse slip. It reads, "Please excuse Amelie. She was very useful." All four signed.


Christina said...


; )

Edd said...

Very, Very, Nice!